Famous Abroad Study Scholarships: Dream Catcher!

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Are you one of those people who aspire to study abroad? Is your pocket not too friendly to your desire?! Well, you surely are in for a treat now! There's good news for all of you out there! There are hundreds and thousands of study abroad scholarships. The scholarships can include general as well as a more specific abroad study scholarship. You can get a foreign University scholarship through various government organizations, or the universities you are applying for, various external funding organizations, and also charitable organizations.


Yes! There are various portals for getting yourself a scholarship. But it can be pretty rough searching for international scholarships from scratch. But it is easier when it all comes to you, easily aligned. Here you will have properly structured scholarships just for you! Scholarships that have been grouped into categories made easier and reachable to you, helping you grab your dream!

All the scholarships to study abroad in a particular country of your interest are available with all the details, targeting the exact students. In the blog below will be discussed some study abroad scholarships, with all the benefits and applications.

Types of study abroad scholarships

Below are some of the study abroad scholarships,

Van Cleave Law provides scholarships for students with 3.0 or higher. Discover about $1000 worth of education costs for the student.

This scholarship is for the students of 56 countries that this scholarship covers. The scholarship provides a 10% discount on the tuition fee of the course pursued by the student.

This scholarship provides a 20% discount on the tuition fee of any master's course applied by a student—the eligibility for this scholarship is of the 50 countries it covers.

This contest is for students sharing the same values and who aspire to pursue their higher education. The contest prizes include 1st place – $2000, 2nd place – $1000, 3rd place – $500.

A student whose country of occupation is one of the countries mentioned below is given a 30% discount by Windsor University. One of the points to be noted before keeping track of the countries is, the deadline that has been provided is not for the scholarship but for the start of admission in the Master's program. The countries included are Afghanistan, Guinea-Bissau, Sierra Leone, Burkina Faso, Haiti, Somalia, Burundi, North Korea, South Sudan, The Central African Republic, Liberia, Sudan, etc.

What are the benefits of an abroad study scholarship?


We all are aware of how important higher education is and how dramatically it can bring significant changes to your life. And we are also aware of the expenses that go into higher education. Here's where a scholarship comes into play. Scholarships are known to fill the gaps between your budget and your dreams. And there definitely is a scholarship which is the right one for you!

Following are some of the points to consider a scholarship beneficial:

  • All your stress regarding achieving higher education will disappear with the perfect scholarship for you.
  • Families who want their kids to study and become successful, but hold back due to the inability to take care of high expenses included, can send their kids to study abroad! Anyone who needs the specific eligibility criteria for a scholarship is eligible for it, and it might just be you!
  • There are also various other benefits of a scholarship, and a scholarship can lead you to have a lifelong connection with various organizations or individuals.
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