16 Billion Euro Worth of Scholarships Available in Europe

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Financing you studies becomes especially important when you decide to study abroad and unfortunately, financial constraints are the primary reason for students not to study abroad. Studying abroad in Europe doesn't necessarily mean though, that you need a bulging wallet or pile up loans. Alone in Europe, there are nearly 16 Billion Euro worth of scholarships available every year!

Where to find a scholarship?

Since Europe's higher education system is a diverse conglomeration of different organisations and institutions on European, national, regional and institutional level, scholarships are quite scattered. That makes them really difficult to find if you rely on Google & co. However, ScholarshipPortal is solving this problem by providing you a centralized platform where you can search among over 1000 scholarships if there is the right scholarship for you!

What kind of scholarship should I get?

There are many different kinds of funding for your studies besides a classical scholarship. Government grants, prizes, studentships, competitions, fellowships and others might be also a good option for you and sometimes, it is not your GPA that counts! To learn more about the different kinds of scholarships, check out the following article: Different kinds of scholarships{target="_blank"}

But aren't the scholarships just for EU citizens?

Also if you are not a EU citizen, you will be eligible for hundreds of scholarships and other financing opportunities! Some scholarships are even made especially for people from outside of the European Union or from a specific country. For this reason, better check your options, no matter which country you are from! You don't want to miss a great scholarship opportunity!

How to start?

Of course, it usually takes quite some effort and especially time to get a scholarship. Therefore, start as early as possible to check your possible options. We collected some useful information on how to get a scholarship in this article: How to get your scholarship{target="_blank"}

Why should I study in Europe?

You are not yet convinced if you should go to Europe for your studies? Have a look at "Why study in Europe?" or the numerous other articles and student experiences on the STeXX website. Besides, the following websites can help you to find your study programme in Europe.

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