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Scholarship in Molecular Interactions of Pathogens with Biotic and Abiotic Surfaces

University of Münster

Quick facts:

Duration: 12 - 36 months
  • Research
  • PhD
Quota: 2 scholarships for M.D.
Benefits summary: € 670,--.

Last update: 28 August 2013

Are you eligible?:

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Take IELTS test

You are normally required to take an English Proficiency Test if you come from a non-English speaking country.

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The Graduate School offers 65% E13 positions for 15 Ph.D. students and additional stipends for pursuing an M.D. degree. In addition, research internships for undergraduates are supported allowing a three months research experience in participating laboratories of the Graduate School.

Ph.D. Stipends:

These positions are for three years and are supported with 65% E13 including a contribution to health insurance and social security insurance.

M.D. Stipends:

These positions are for medical students who want to pursue an experimental thesis to achieve their M.D. degree. Candidates should have passed their Physikum/erster Abschnitt der ärztlichen Prüfung or equivalent and already have obtained some laboratory experience. The stipend is for one year and will be supported by a monthly stipend of app. 670,--.

Candidates pursuing an M.D. degree should at least have passed the ’Physikum’ (’Erster Abschnitt der ärztlichen Prüfung’) or equivalent and should have obtained some laboratory experience.


M.D. students: 2 stipends are available immediately supported with € 670,-- /month

Application information

  • Application Form
  • Curriculum vitae: 1 page
  • Official Transcript / Record of Study: Detailed documentation of your academic work (list of courses attended; grades if applicable)
  • Certificates: Certificates of relevant university examinations (e.g. Bachelor's and Master's degree, or Vor-Diplom and Diplom) and the certificate giving the right of admission to higher eduction in the applicant's country such as Abitur, Matura, or equivalent (with individual grades). Include an explanation of the grading system
  • 2 Reference Letters: Letters of two academic teachers who are able to evaluate your personality, academic experience, and intellectual merit. The use of the reference report form (download from the homepage) is strongly recommended. Reference letters have to be sent by the referees via e-mail directly to: grk1409@uni-muenster.de
  • Proof of proficiency in English (if applicable): Applicants who are not native speakers of English should demonstrate an adequate competence of the English language by acceptable results in an internationally recognized test (e.g. TOEFL). Participation in such a test is recommended but not mandatory, because language skills can also be evaluated during the personal interviews with selected candidates. Proven higher education in English or a reasonably long stay in an English speaking country are acceptable as equivalents.

All submitted documents must be in English or German. Certified copies of documents are not mandatory at the time of submission.All relevant documents, however, should get certified upon acceptance to the program. We are unable to consider applications that are incomplete or do not fulfill the formal criteria described above. We will acknowledge the receipt of your application by e-mail within 5 working days.


Applications for M.D. students and SHK are still possible:

Coordinator of the Graduate School

Dr. Waltraud Walz-Schmidt
grk1409 at uni-muenster.de

Institut für Infektiologie - ZMBE
Von-Esmarch-Str. 56
D-48149 Münster