493 Scholarships in North America

XWord Scholarship 2018

The staff  behind XWord.com has decided to run a yearly scholarship of $1,000 to one lucky student. The scholarship will be sent directly to the financial aid office of the college or university of the winner.

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Get Instagram Followers Scholarship

At Get Plus Followers, we believe that it’s more than just the grades that make a great well-rounded student. Each one of you is creative in his or her own way: some of you blog; others curate documentary photography on Instagram that helps us unders...

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Zinda Law Group of Denver Scholarship

Zinda Law Group is offering one $1,000 scholarship to a student pursuing or planning to pursue higher education. This scholarship is open to high school students and college students. Zinda Law Group is dedicated to helping students around the c...

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Daymond John's Success Formula Entrepreneurial Scholarship

Success Formula will award a one-time scholarship of $1,500 to two students, per year. In a 3-minute video, students are asked to tell, (or show) Daymond John why education is essential to their success as an entrepreneur. Videos must be uploaded to...

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2018 Pro Stock Hockey Student Athlete Scholarship

Pro Stock Hockey is not only a strong supporter of organized hockey, but of education as well. We are proud to be able to help hockey-playing students who are pursuing degrees in higher education.

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Toptenthebest Scholarship Program in 2018

TopTenTheBest is aiming at offering a scholarship slot every year. I believe that it will be useful and will help students archive their academic goal.

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Clean Water Scholarship Competition

Waterlogic is thrilled to announce this year’s scholarship opportunity, open to all current or incoming college students. As a company committed to increasing global access to clean water, we believe this scholarship will foster an increased aware...

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LiveCareer Education Opportunities Scholarship

LiveCareer has helped millions of people with their resumes, cover letters, and job search needs. One of our core goals is to help people discover their passion, especially when it comes to students who are preparing to enter the workforce for the fi...

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$1,500 Nature-Saving Scholarship for Students

Small text but big step in nature conservancyToday you have a unique chance to help nature conservancy without ever leaving your house—and you may even win an award! We are excited to give you the opportunity to win a $1,000 or $500 scholarship using...

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MyDealsClub 2018 Scholarship

With this Scholarship, MydealsClub wants to support financially University students across the country. MydealsClub.com is a coupons and deals hub to help consumers make intelligent decisions when purchasing products online because not only...

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International Student Scholarships in North America

Looking for a study in North America but not sure if you can afford it? Find plenty of scholarship opportunities all over North America that will allow you to cover part or all of your study costs. Pick the right financial aid offer from diverse scholarship offers meant to meet student expenses for business administration, medicine, law, political science, engineering, computer science, social sciences, arts, and plenty other academic disciplines and specialisations.

Select from university scholarship, grants, fellowships, federal or government funding in international universities from North America, in Canada and the United States, including American universities and schools from popular states like New York, Massachusetts, California, Florida, Texas, and more.