566 Scholarships in Germany

Research Grants - One-Year Grants

DAAD grants for doctoral candidates and young scientists and academics wishing to carry out research and continue their education in Germany.

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IT Scholarships for Palestinians (Master)

The grants are awarded to Palestinian graduates who aim to pursue a university teaching career in the field of information technology and therefore wish to improve their academic qualifications.

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BAYHOST: Scholarships for German Language Courses for Students and Junior Researches from Eastern Europe

The programme is geared towards undergraduates, graduates and junior scientists from Eastern Europe wishing to take a German language course at a Bavarian institution of higher education. Eligible candidates come from Bosnia and

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Research Grants - Doctoral Programmes in Germany

DAAD grants for young scientists and academics wishing to improve their academic qualifications with a doctoral degree in Germany.

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Research Grants - Bi-nationally supervised Doctoral Degrees

DAAD grants for doctoral candidates and young scientists and academics whose doctoral degrees are supervised both by a university teacher at the home university and an academic adviser at the host institute in Germany ("sandwich

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Research Grants - Cotutelle Doctoral Programmes

DAAD grants for doctoral candidates and young scientists and academics wishing to complete a bi-national doctoral degree at their home university and at a university in Germany according to the so-called "cotutelle" procedure.

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DLR/DAAD Research Fellowship Programme

This programme is implemented by the 'German Aerospace Center' (DLR) and the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). DLR is Germany┬┤s national research center for aeronautics and space.

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University Summer Courses

DAAD scholarships for students taking Bachelor's and Master's degree courses in all subjects wishing to improve their German proficiency and cultural knowledge of the country.

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Postdoctoral Fellowships in Sub-Saharan Africa

A Programme for post-doctoral training.

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Postdoctoral Fellowships in Germany

The programme is designed to augment opportunities for researchers from Sub-Saharan to conduct co-operative research in Germany.

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