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Engineering: M2A Funded EngD Scholarships at Swansea University: 36 projects available

The Materials and Manufacturing Academy (M2A) is a Swansea University initiative which provides industry-led postgraduate research training in the areas of advanced materials and manufacturing. The Materials and Manufacturing Academy is offering 31 fully-funded EngD scholarships at Swansea University, covering a variety of subject areas:

Creating bright scratch resistant tinplate productsCoil Coatings – An Investigation into Expedited Plastisol Degradation Related to Poor Coating AdhesionInvestigating the long term effects of creep with chromate free primersOxide Engineering on TCCT packaging steelDevelopment of slag corrosion testPerformance of novel tinplate products: adhesion of polyester to new, REACH-compliant steel substratesUtilisation of waste hydrogen and heat for efficiency improvement at Cogent HTCA processDevelopment of electrical steel coating and annealing simulatorSurviving 1600°C – Characterisation and Improvement of Steel Ladle MaterialsAdvanced Clean Water Treatment at Tata (ACWAT)Development of sensors and non-destructive analysis to determine the performance of coatings in constructionForensic analysis of weathered organic coatings to understand mechanisms of degradationAddition of alloying agents to improve the performance of Zn/Al metallic coated steelDevelopment of Advanced High strength steel tubes for construction applicationsDevelopment and integration of Industry 4.0 into Engine ManufactureBig data analytics of the Port Talbot Hot Strip MillSensing the microstructure of steel at 700CPassivation layers on U-AHSS and HSSEffects of Minerealogy on reduction of sinter and Blast Furnace PerformanceAdvanced analytics of sinter plant operations to minimise particulate emissionsOptimisation of Coke Oven Gas Cleaning to Maximise Value in use of Coke Oven By-productsEffect of injection coal volatile matter on Blast Furnace top gas carbonWind main and waste gas systems optimisation through use of CFD techniquesEffect of Steel Cleanness & Solidification on Product PerformanceDevelopment of next generation of high quality coated steel for automotive applicationsDevelopment of improved formability Advanced High Strength SteelEffects of residual elements from scraps on steel processing and service properties of typical strip steel productsWettability and bonding of coating alloys on substratesUse of Advanced Analytics to Predict Defects in Surface Inspection SystemsImproving the air knife process in Hot Dip GalvanisingUsing Rapid Alloy Prototyping to understand the effects of Tramp elements in increased Scrap Steel Recycling

EngD (x 5)- in total 36 EngD scholarships available


·         Development of new surface treatments for automotive utilising chemcoater

·         Modelling the heat transfer of molten metal during the steel making process

·         Material Selection for extreme temperature variation and coating optimisation for corrosion resistance, aesthetics and preparation for new water-based products

·         Granular Flow Impact and wear analysis using 3D DEM simulation

·         Semi-transparent printable solar cells for energy generating windows

MSc by Research (x 5)- in total 14 MSc by Research scholarships available


·         Automation of ladle hook engagement

·         Rapid prototyping and tooling of automotive seal mouldings

·         Alternative manufacturing solutions for lightweight automotive interior and exterior brightware

·         Advanced Surface photovoltage measurements methods to enhance and characterize the performance of solar cells

·         Identification of passivity breakdown parameters for Magnox nuclear fuel cladding in pond storage conditions


Candidates should hold an Engineering or Physical Sciences degree with a minimum classification level of 2:1 or equivalent relevant experience. Please see individual project adverts  for specific eligibility criteria.

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Each scholarship covers the full cost of UK/EU tuition fees, plus a tax free stipend of £20,000 p.a.


Please see individual project adverts  for specific eligibility criteria.

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